Money coaching. Life changing.

Personal, professional money coaching

  • Understand and improve your current financial situation (e.g. income, expenses, assets and liabilities)
  • Reduce stress from a new financial situation resulting from a recent life-changing event (e.g. marriage, death of a partner, new job or loss of a job)
  • Develop better money habits that can prevent negative emotions from influencing future financial decisions

What you can expect from each one-hour session

Expect our sessions to be liberating and challenging.

It’s challenging because confronting your worst fears is never fun. It’s liberating because you’ll finally have someone with which to share these worst fears in a private, non-judgmental environment.

Expect to be resistant to change.

You will use rationalizations like I’m smart, I can figure this out for myself. Or I can’t afford to get this kind of help. But remember: financial problems don’t usually stem from lack of smarts...and you can’t afford to not get this help.

Expect to see progress.

Over time, you will notice a happy turnaround in your finances as you implement the changes we agree upon.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Money Coach?

A money coach is someone who will help you resolve the infinite variety of financial difficulties that can arise from a sudden, one-time change of circumstance or from your own long-term habits, beliefs and unseen emotions around money.

How much does it cost?

Money coaching costs $125 per one-hour session.

How many sessions will I need?

Many clients find that one session is enough to get back on track; others schedule monthly meetings. This is entirely your choice.

Contact us

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