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Individual tax returns

We will prepare your personal income tax return at a competitive, affordable rate. E-filing? Of course – at no extra charge. We prepare tax returns for clients living abroad, for clients in bankruptcy, for clients with rentals or small businesses. We even prepare tax returns for clients with virtual currency transactions.

Small business tax returns

Whether you are just starting a business or have been in operation for years, we can be an important part of your team. Tucson Tax Team will prepare income tax returns for sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships and S-corporations. If you are just starting out, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to select the correct business structures from the beginning. Are you better off as an LLC, a partnership, or an S-Corp? We understand from personal experience that opening a new business is an expensive proposition, but understanding the issues and getting good business and tax advice from the beginning will save you far more money than it costs you. In addition, we have business partners who can assist you with bookkeeping, payroll, website design and more.

Residential and commercial rentals

Whether you are renting out a small condo or an entire strip mall, we can take care of you. We’ll tell you what’s deductible and what isn’t; we’ll explain what has to be depreciated and what can be expensed; we’ll keep electronic copies of your purchase documents in our computer system; we’ll track your depreciation so your gain is properly reported when you sell it.

Trusts and estates

When you lose a loved one, the last thing in the world you want to think about is the tax consequences – but there are indeed tax consequences, and important ones at that. A final tax return must be filed for the deceased; this is usually done by a spouse, personal representative, or other person responsible for the decedent’s property. You may be required to file an estate tax return to report the decedent’s assets if the estate is worth more than eleven million dollars; if the Unified Credit was claimed in prior years; or if there is a non-resident alien beneficiary. There are other tax planning reasons to file an estate return even if it is not required. The executor may also be required to file annual income returns on fiduciary income while the estate is open. As you can see, estate taxation is a complicated matter; enrolled agents are trained to deal with these complexities. Let Tucson Tax Team help you navigate through this difficult process.

Due to the increasing complexity of estate tax rules and state probate concerns, many taxpayers are electing to create Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts. These trusts can impact your tax situation and even require you to file additional tax returns. Tucson Tax Team will work with your financial and legal team to minimize the tax ramifications. After the trust has been formed, we’ll provide continuing advice and preparation skills in this area.

Mexican real estate

Own a vacation home or rental in Mexico? We’re experts in Mexican real estate. Watch our videos!

Mexican Income Tax


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Tips from tax expert: Learn about Mexican Income Tax as it applies to owning US citizens owning real estate in Mexico.

Owning a Vacation Home in Mexico


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Tips from tax expert: Income tax tips for owning a vacation home in Mexico

Renting a Vacation Home in Mexico


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Tips from tax expert: Income tax tips for renting a vacation home in Mexico

Selling a Vacation Home in Mexico


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Tips from tax expert: tax consequences of selling a vacation home in Mexico

Divorce tax analysis

As if divorce wasn’t hard enough, the tax consequences of the decisions you make while you are in emotional turmoil can be expensive and long-lasting. Tucson Tax Team offers divorce consultation services. We’ll talk about your particular situation and discuss the tax implications of filing status, custody of the children, spousal maintenance and child support, division of assets, and possible injured and innocent spouse claims. Talk to us early on; don’t be one of those people who say “I wish I’d known that before I signed.” (Let your “ex” be one of those people instead!)

All state returns

Don’t be fooled by our catchy name – we do tax returns for all 43 states that have income tax, no worries.

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